The DevOps script used to set up the front-end and back-end of this site.
Updated 2024-06-07 04:00:04 -04:00
Scripts to set up a VPS with several open-source web apps for productivity and other things.
Updated 2024-06-06 10:16:27 -04:00
The script I use to scrape and parse headlines from news sites used in the "US News" section of my website.
Updated 2024-06-06 06:43:53 -04:00
The code behind this site.
Updated 2024-06-06 06:04:27 -04:00
This is the CMS/admin panel I use to manage this site. It's still a good way from being a proper administration panel, but it at least allows me to do basic content management.
Updated 2024-06-05 04:01:58 -04:00
My default script for preparing an Alma Linux VPS for whatever I plan to host on it.
Updated 2024-05-30 04:55:46 -04:00
The schema used on the backend of this site.
Updated 2024-05-30 04:50:39 -04:00
This is my go-to .gitignore when starting a project. As I mostly use Python these days, it is mostly Python-centric.
Updated 2024-05-30 04:31:50 -04:00